Small space living is still on the rise, as more folks choose an optimal location (a quick walk downtown) over square footage. Whether you're snug up in an urban studio apartment or have a camper on the outskirts of town, these tips can help you make more out of your small space.

Look up. Small spaces are often built with high ceilings to make them feel less cramped, and you should take advantage of this real estate. Use this wall space to install shelving for books, off-season clothes, and more.

Hang tight. Hanging storage is king in small space living, and again, can maximize on height if you have it. From hooks to hang your bike to a rack for hanging pots and pans over the stove or counter, don't miss out on opportunities to dangle.

Functional furniture. These days, you can snag storage in just about every piece of furniture if you're choosy. Think ottomans that open, couches with stash space in the arm rests, coffee tables that house books and DVDs, even beds with compartments in the headboards.

Stack your cupboards. If you have tall cupboards, this space may go underutilized. Grab a wire drying rack or similar shelving unit to turn your single cupboard into shelving space, stacking glasses above your plates, mugs above your glasses, and so on. This can also work to add storage layers to countertops.

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