Technology is on the rise at home. Recently, the Consumer Technology Association unveiled some of the hottest trends at CES – a gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. Held annually in Las Vegas, some of the top trends you'll soon find in homes are as follows.

Jeremy Kaplan at headed a team of reporters who fanned out across the CES-plex and came back very impressed by the toilets – yes, toilets. He reports that this year's CES was 'flush' with internet-connected features, voice assistants built in, and more.  

Joking aside, there's the Neorest NX2 intelligent toilet from Toto, which captured a CES 2019 Innovation Award for its sensors that can automatically open and close the lid, and flush, a personal integrated cleansing system similar to a bidet, heated seat, and in-bowl deodorizer.

There were high tech toilets for your dog and cat, and the Kohler’s Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet with Alexa on board.

Moving out of the bathroom, Gerald Lynch  at, flipped for the Cambridge Audio Alva TT vinyl turntable, the first to include aptX HD Bluetooth support, giving you hi-res wireless playback at 24-bit-48kHz. But at $1800, he liked the look of the wood-finished AT-LPW models in dark walnut and teak from Audio-Technica, too.

Colleague Olivia Tambini looked into other home trends and loved the Capstone Connected Home Smart Mirror that can access Google Assistant, check weather and traffic before you head out for the day, and stream YouTube. You can also access Google Drive and type out emails using the touchscreen.

She also liked the Eve Light Strip – a 2m-long bendable strip of LED lights with 1800 lumens you can attach under your couch, shelves, kitchen countertop, or behind your computer or television.

Jason Hiner at touted Sleep Number that has upped the game with its smart beds adding sensors and using an app that can give you data on your sleep patterns. It can also connect to other health tech, such as your fitness tracker, and then give recommendations on how to adjust your daily patterns to improve sleep.

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