Seasonal Safety: Spring Tips to Keep You Safe Until Summer


Spring is the season when most of us emerge from our homes to tackle yard and maintenance projects we let sit all winter. But as you move around, keep safety top of mind to avoid a pre-summer injury. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) offers the following insights:

If you are cleaning. Keep household cleaners, laundry packets and medicines out of sight and out of reach of little ones in your home. Ingesting these can lead to unintentional poisoning and can have tragic results.

If doing yard work. Keep children away while you are mowing the lawn to keep them safe. Make sure your lawn mower and yard tools are in good condition and ready for spring yard work. Damaged tools can become a shock or fire hazard when wiring, motors, or other electrical parts begin to wear.

Getting up on a ladder to clean gutters, paint or to do repairs. Before you climb, place the ladder's feet on solid level ground to avoid falls and make sure you have a spotter. Keep the ladder away from power lines and live electrical wires to prevent electrocution.

It can be tricky, but be vigilant about counterfeits. Counterfeit products often look the same as the genuine product, but they can introduce dangers and even deadly hazards into your home. CPSC is working with U.S. Customs and Border Protection to spot counterfeits at the nation's ports, but it's important for consumers to be vigilant as well.

When buying a new bicycle helmet to go with your child's new bicycle this spring, make sure the helmet meets CPSC's mandatory safety standard. Wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of a serious head injury for both children and adults.

Will part of your spring cleaning include changing your refrigerator water filter? Only purchase water filters that are appropriate for your appliance and that are from manufacturers you trust. Counterfeit refrigerator water filters could lack the materials to properly filter out contaminants.


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